About Us

How Ironhat Started?

I vividly remember it was Christmas day I was 8 years old. Under the Christmas tree was this long box not overly heavy, but like all kids my age we are eager to open and see what’s inside.

Well, Little did i know that my life would never be the same again. I carefully opened the bright Christmas wrapping paper (that’s not entirely true, I tore it apart as quickly as I could) to find. A gun!! What a rife, there must of been some mistake? Surely this is for one of my older brother’s? I was excited to hear that its all mine a brand new Daisy Red Ryder.

My father always believed that education was the most important thing relating to safety growing up, he never wanted to shelter his kids away from the world. Rather educate, teach as well as physically getting us out there and doing it was the only way to learn.

So a childhood of Hunting, Fishing, Guns, Bows, Four wheel driving and camping was all apart of my fortunate upbringing. And I really do feel grateful for it all, so many people don’t get to experience what I did.

So we fast forward 25-30 years and there I was traveling down memory lane with my own kids. I start looking around for one specific gun. Yes, Indeed my very first gun!. That one that was revealed beneath that bright Christmas wrapping paper. The Daisy Red Ryder!

So the team here at IRONHAT have been into outdoor sports for as long as we can remember. Having grown up on farms Hunting, Fishing, Shooting, Bowhunting & playing Archery was and is our way of life.

Without much luck, like most people I google’d and searched trying to find a used gun website. After not being able to find the gun I was after, I made some phone calls to my local gun shops.

I found out that advertising on websites wore either not allowed or had listing fees that just made it impractical to advertise anything as inexpensive as a Daisy air gun or accessories.

So having made several webpages in the past. I set out on a quest to bring cost-effective options for the Australian consumer and retail stores to list all of their outdoor related products in one place. While making it easy and cost effective.

The end product is our webpage IRONHAT.



Australia's Used Guns and Used Bow Auction selling everything to do with the Outdoors,